Gifts of Nature  

Beyond grapes and olives, our land yields many other gifts of nature.

Our own bee population, living off the surrounding citrus groves, flowering trees and shrubs, provides us with pure natural honey.

We also harvest and crack almonds, dry and preserve figs, cut and prepare wild thyme and oregano, and collect the pink pepper corns and spicy piri-piri peppers.

Strictly seasonal and available in small quantities, they are available for purchase directly at the Quinta.



Sentidos Honey sweetness is laced with hints of citrus fruits and local herbs. Perfect on a slice of fresh bread or in your cup of tea.





Sentidos Sachets contain natural, local herbs, nuts, fruits and spices, all sourced directly from our gardens, harvested by hand and carefully processed to preserve their delightful flavours.


If you want to know more about our products, please contact us here.

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